Mariah Carey Praises Kanye West’s Sunday Service Rendition Of Her Song

Mariah Carey Praises Kanye West’s Sunday Service Rendition Of Her Song


This past weekend, Kanye West decided to switch things up a bit and hold one of his usual Sunday Services ON A FRIDAY. He brought his travelling choir to the Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre in Detroit, where 6,000 people gathered to watch the gospel tunes sung in front of the Detroit River. 

Every week, Sunday Service has been taking Kanye songs and putting a religious spin on them, making the arrangements more grandiose and lyrics more devotional. At the Detroit Sunday Service event, the choir added a Mariah Carey song to the setlist and gave it the spiritual treatment. They sang a beautiful rendition of Mariah’s ballad, “My All,” off of her 1997 album, Butterfly, with some altered lyrics.  

The event was livestreamed, so a video of the performance was extracted and posted online. The R&B icon ended up seeing the clip and took to Twitter to express her admiration and gratitude for the tribute. “This choir is killing this arrangement and song! I neeeed to speak to whoever put the arrangement together and rewrote the lyrics.. Beautiful. Thank you.” While Mariah had nothing but praise to express, all the top replies under her tweet are calling for her to sue Kanye for using her song, ostensibly without permission. 

This week’s actual Sunday Service was held in Queens, New York, where Kanye went off with a Jesus-centric freestyle. Over the weekend, Kanye also hosted events in Detroit, Chicago and New York to premiere his upcoming IMAX film, Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Experience, where he also previewed his upcoming album that continues to be delayed