Man Pleads Guilty To Murdering Influencer & Posting Her Body On IG

Man Pleads Guilty To Murdering Influencer & Posting Her Body On IG


A man in New York pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for the killing of 17-year-old Utica teen Bianca Devins, a social media influencer.

According to USA Today, Brandon Clark, 22, from Bridgeport, admitted to killing Devins on July 14 and posting photos of her body on social media. The photos have since been taken down.

“I know she didn’t deserve what happened to her,” Clark said Monday morning in court. “And I think that I need to realize that what I did I can’t undo, as much as I want to, and I need to face it. And I apologize to all the people that knew and loved her. I apologize to everybody affected by this.”

The two met on Instagram last year. Officials believe the stabbing was the result of an argument between Devins and Clark. After slitting her throat, Clark called the police, “made incriminating statements,” and then stabbed himself. When authorities arrived, he was transported to a nearby hospital and treated for injuries.

“I’m grateful he has chosen to plead guilty,” Frank Williams, Devins’ grandfather said, explaining that the family is relieved. “He said Bianca did not deserve this, she did not deserve this.”

Clark is facing 25 years to life in prison.