Maluma Talks Quarantine Routine, Yearning For True Love and How Mom (Kind of) Spoils Him: Watch

Maluma Talks Quarantine Routine, Yearning For True Love and How Mom (Kind of) Spoils Him: Watch


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Maluma has had a lot of time for introspection lately. It was introspection in the middle of the Caribbean that led to his current single, the gorgeously simple “ADMV” (which stands for “Amor De Mi Vida” or “Love Of My Life”).

And now, at his home in the mountains of Medellín, the Colombian superstar is sharing time with family, working out, washing his own dishes, and even readying a collab with Don Omar.

It’s all part of being quarantined.

The 26-year-old star, fresh from being the only Spanish-language voice to perform in “One World: Together at Home,” spoke exclusively with Streets Talkin Zoom, and opened up about life, love and family. Some highlights:

On his tearjerker “ADMV” video: After not being able to travel to the Grammy Awards, “I took a kayak to the middle of the ocean, and started thinking about my priorities. I realized I was investing so much energy, so much time in my career that I was forgetting about myself, about my spirit and the important things in life like my family, like finding that love of my life […] I’m tired about listening to the same kinds of songs; people talking about diamonds and about Ferraris. There are more important things.

On true love: “Of course I believe in true love. I just haven’t found it. But I actually want to get old with my partner.”

On having mom take care of him during quarantine: “Every time I wake up she says, ‘Hello son. How are you feeling this morning? What do you want for breakfast?’ I feel like a hotel mama.”

On Mirella, the sculpture in his backyard: “Mirella is my quarantine girlfriend!”

On the first place he’ll go to when quarantine is lifted: “I think I’m going straight to my grandparents’ house. They live here in Medellin in a little apartment. They’re getting old.”

Watch Streets Talkin’s exclusive interview here.