Magic Johnson Admits Clippers’ Advantage Over Lakers

Magic Johnson Admits Clippers’ Advantage Over Lakers


Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson has made a habit of pointing out the obvious, whether he’s relaying the outcome of a recent Lakers game on twitter or explaining why the league’s best players are indeed in the MVP race. Magic’s most recent admission? All Stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis will be the Lakers’ keys to victory if they match up with the Los Angeles Clippers in the playoffs.

Magic Johnson Admits Clippers' Advantage Over Lakers

Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

As part of McDonald’s Black and Positivity Golden “Beyond the Court” panel in Chicago this past weekend, Magic explained that the Clippers have an advantage over the Lakers when it comes to their depth. Specifically, Magic noted the Lakers’ need to find a consistent third scorer behind LeBron and AD.

“If you look at man-for-man, (the Clippers are) probably better than (the Lakers) in terms of the bench,” Johnson said, according to USA Today’s Mark Medina.

“But to Anthony Davis and LeBron James, to me they are going to be the key and they are going to have to dominate in that series. Then we’re going to need that third scorer.”

The Lakers entered the All Star break at the top of the Western Conference with a record of 41-12, four games up on the second seed Denver Nuggets and five games ahead of the Clippers. The Lakers are 0-2 against Kawhi and the Clippers thus far, but Magic believes his former team is “playing the best out of anybody” and is confident that LeBron and AD will flip the switch come playoff time.