Machine Gun Kelly Clowns Eminem For Doing Dolly Parton Challenge

Machine Gun Kelly Clowns Eminem For Doing Dolly Parton Challenge


Eminem namedropping Machine Gun Kelly on his 2018 album, Kamikaze, ended up fuelling a beef between the two of them. On Em’s latest surprise release, Music To Be Murdered By, he proclaims that this beef is over. On “Unaccommodating”, he raps: “But when they ask me is the war finished with MGK? Of course it is / Cleansed him of his mortal sins, I’m God / I’m the Lord, forgives even the devil worshippers.” 

While Em wishes to place this spat in the past, MGK still seems to harbour some resentment against the Detroit emcee. Shortly after MTBMB was shared with the world, MGK sent some not-so-subtle shots in Shady’s direction. “mad af I just stepped out a loud room to hear this bullshit,” he tweeted. “he’s been rich and mad for 20 years straight.”

Now, MGK is clowning his elder enemy once again. The Dolly Parton Challenge is the latest viral phenomenon and Eminem decided to participate in it. The challenge entails posting four photos of yourself that capture the varying online personas you project on social media platforms. Em is not the most active on Instagram, but he contributed his own post to the trend. In a since-deleted tweet, MGK interprets Em’s post as an attempt to connect with the youth. “50 year old artists tryna be relevant to the youth by posting trending meme’s is something i never thought i’d see #2020,” he wrote. 

Even though Eminem is actually only 47 years old, Trippie Redd also made fun of him for being 50 when he addressed being mentioned on MTBMB