"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Drops Trailer With Alexis Skyy, Scrappy, & More

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Drops Trailer With Alexis Skyy, Scrappy, & More


The moguls responsible for Love & Hip Hop make sure that they keep their series running all year long like clockwork. We saw the conclusion of a controversial Love & Hip Hop Hollywood season last year and Love & Hip Hop Miami is currently on-air. On Monday (February 17), VH1 shared a teaser for the forthcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and they’re bringing back familiar faces with all new drama.

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Drops Trailer With Alexis Skyy, Scrappy, & More
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

Unbelievably, the ninth season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is set to hit small screens in just a few weeks. It looks as if Alexis Skyy is a key figure in the cast as she settles some scores with other cast members. The 30-second teaser also shows Alexis speaking on a panel about being an alleged victim of sex trafficking, so viewers can be prepared to learn more about the model’s past.

Momma Dee and Scrappy are at odds once again, but this time it’s because the rapper is trying to get his mother to give up alcohol. The scene cuts to someone on a gurney in a hospital, but it’s unclear if Momma Dee is the blurred-out person being treated. “You gotta let that drinking all the way go,” Scrappy says to his mother.

Sierra, who recently came forward about her daughter being involved in an altercation at school, is also seen in the clip crying as she says something about her fear of going to jail. Why she would face time is a storyline fans we’ll have to wait for, and we’re sure Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will make it as dramatic as possible.

Karlie Redd also makes a return after a few controversial seasons, and this time she’s looking to crank things up. She can be heard in the teaser saying something about, “He had a prostitute in our bed.” We can only imagine who and what that’s about. Check out the drama-filled teaser trailer for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta below and tune in on March 16.