Lou Williams Says Warriors Made a Big Mistake By "Looking Ahead"

Lou Williams Says Warriors Made a Big Mistake By "Looking Ahead"


The Golden State Warriors had a chance to knock off the Los Angeles Clippers in game 5 of their first-round matchup last night but in the end, the Clippers were victorious after winning 129-121. It was a missed opportunity for the Warriors as the Houston Rockets won their series, giving them more rest for a potential matchup. The Warriors are convinced that they are going to win this series as Klay Thompson made some interesting comments about the Rockets on Sunday.

“We see our opponent, they’re up 3-0,” Thompson said

“For us, our focus was to come in, extend the series and get another win on the home floor,” Williams said. “It’s their mistake for looking ahead. So that’s on them.”

Thompson was then asked about his comments from Sunday. He took full responsibility by admitting it was wrong to underestimate a gritty Clippers team.

“Yep, start with me. I was,” Thompson said. “I thought we were going to come out and win tonight, but sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. We’re still in a great position with hopefully only 48 minutes left to close these guys out. They’ve been pesky. They’ve been tough, but now it’s time to do what we do.”

Game 6 will go down on Friday.