Liz Huett's Rowdy Party Anthem 'Responsible' Is Perfect for Summer

Liz Huett's Rowdy Party Anthem 'Responsible' Is Perfect for Summer


Ever feel like a hot mess? The former Taylor Swift backup singer has the song for you

It takes guts to go break out of your comfort zone, but singer Liz Huett makes it look easy with her new single “Responsible.”

Huett – who sang-back up for Taylor Swift in her touring band for several years — made her solo debut last year with the commanding “STFU + Hold Me,” which combined a love for radio-friendly pop with country vibes from her time cutting her teeth in Nashville. ?Now with her unapologetic new single, she's experimenting with bold pop-rock flavors and her most danceable track to date. With spoken-word verses that evoke Selena Gomez’s “Bad Liar” and an energetic hook that recalls the party-girl spirit of classic Kesha, Huett tells Streets Talkin she hopes the song will “provide a soundtrack for people who are out there having fun this summer.” 

That “fun” Huett refers to is what inspired the song in the first place. Huett tells Streets Talkin that the new single draws directly from the mischief she got into when she first moved to Los Angeles last summer. “I lived in a house with one of my best friends and my band was coming over 24/7, so it felt like on big, long party. It got rowdy,” Huett admits. “I walked into a recording session one morning, running late and hungover after one of those crazy nights, and my co-writers and I decided we should write about it.” 

Check out the morning-after anthem below.