Listen to Prince’s Super Funky ‘1999’ Remaster Outtake ‘Don’t Let Him Fool Ya’

Listen to Prince’s Super Funky ‘1999’ Remaster Outtake ‘Don’t Let Him Fool Ya’


Don’t let him do it.

Prince has a very simple message on the latest outtake from the upcoming super deluxe remastered edition of  the late pop funk icon's 1999 album: "Don't Let Him Fool Ya." The finger-snapping, bass-popping tune was released on Friday (Nov. 8) in advance of the Nov. 29 roll-out of the extras-packed 1999 reissue, which includes 23 previously unissued studio tracks recorded between Nov. 1981 and Jan. 1983, along with a complete live performance from the 1999 tour, and a DVD with another complete, previously unreleased show from that same tour.

"Fool Ya," which has floated around online for years, features Prince at his funky falsetto best, repeating the title over-and-over accompanied by snapping bass and crisp drums. The track was recorded at the late singer's home studio in Chanhassen, Minnesota, in 1982. "Don't let him fool ya/ I know he got a big ol' Cadillac, uh-oh/ Don't let him fool ya/ Pretty soon he'll have to take it back, ooh," he sings on the track.

"I like to go with my intuition. Something hits me and I need to get the track down before I can move on. It’s like there’s another person inside me, talking to me," Prince was quoted in a statement accompanying the song's release. "Fool Ya" is the third grat track issued in advance of the collection's release and it's all Prince, with the multi-hyphenate musical polymath playing bass, drums, two guitar lines, keyboards and singing multiple vocal lines on the tune.

Listen to "Fool Ya" below.