Lil Wayne’s "Funeral" Had Young Thug, DaBaby Features

Lil Wayne’s "Funeral" Had Young Thug, DaBaby Features


Lil Wayne‘s Funeralincluded collaborations with Young Thug and DaBaby, according to Mack Maine. The Young Money Republic president detailed Weezy’s collaboration process since the rapper doesn’t actually tune into what’s going out outside of Wayne’s world. But there was, in fact, a collaboration with two of hip-hop’s hottest artists right now: DaBaby and Young Thug.

Lil Wayne's "Funeral" Had Young Thug, DaBaby Features
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“We had one with DaBaby, but we had some clearance issues. They should still be collabing soon, whether it’s on Wayne or DaBaby’s next album,” Mack Maine told Complex. “DaBaby always gives Wayne his props in different interviews, saying how he influenced him coming up. And Wayne actually fucks with his flow too. So that was organic. And we had one with Thug. It’s a beast. Thug wanted to do something fresh because he did his vocals in 2017, so he felt like his vocals were a little too old.”

Wayne and Thug have obviously had their issues in the past. In the past year, Wayne’s daughter Reginae’s had to defend her father after Thugger said he didn’t think Wayne likes him, claiming that the Young Money founder is “spoiled.” That was last summer, though. Since then, Wayne revealed that there was a collab with Thugger meant to be on the project so things between them are apparently copacetic. Thug’s also continued to show Wayne love, per usual. However, Mack Maine insisted that this collaboration between Thug and Wayne will see the light of day soon. After all, it’s only a phone call away.

“Hopefully one day we could figure it out. I’ll figure it out, holler at Thug and his people, and figure out a way that it could still be heard. It’s a monster,” he said before explaining how they pick artists to collaborate with Wayne. “And that’s usually how it goes. That’s the feature selection. It’s not like we’re like, such-and-such got to be on this album. We don’t do nothing like that. Once we see what we have, we figure out how can we fine tune and who we can add. Who could actually be on the same part of the matrix that he’s in? That’s the important thing.”

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