Lil Uzi Vert Puts His Name To The Test At The Firing Range

Lil Uzi Vert Puts His Name To The Test At The Firing Range


Between his eclectic fashion sense and his general goiness on Instagram and in public, it’s easy to think Lil Uzi Vert as kind a joke. Of course, to make that mistake would be incredibly foolish. As Rich The Kid learned the hard way, Uzi is not the type person that you’d want to mess with, as he’ll run up on you in some snap pants and a puffy shirt without a second thought.

In a new video posted on Young Thug’s Instagram (which Uzi appears to have access to), Uzi shows f that he’s not only a hand to hand fighter, but a confident shooter as well. Uzi is seen taking shots with a handgun at the firing range. While receiving some light roasts from his friends, Uzi pulls the target towards him to reveal that all his shots hit the mark, one them even going through the head.

Uzi seems pretty pleased with his results, as he should be. The idea getting shot by a dude with a shoulder bag might seem a little humiliating to some people, but that’s just the world that we live in now.

The caption, presumably written by Uzi to himself, simply reads, “Just drop some music @liluzivert ??.” We can’t help but agree that perhaps Uzi should listen to his own advice and drop a new song. Though if he had previewed some new music here, he’d probably have to dance to it again. Check out Uzi’s shooting skills below.