Lil Tecca Royally Fails Spelling Challenge

Lil Tecca Royally Fails Spelling Challenge


As we near the release of Lil Tecca’s Virgo World, the New York representative is trying his hand at a spelling bee, accepting an interviewer’s challenge on the street. The 17-year-old rapper hit the big leagues with his hit single “Ran$om” and, since then, he’s been following that formula to a tee. This year, he’s impacted his audience with “IDK” and that should have probably been his answer when asked if he could spell the word “chiropractor.” 

Lil Tecca Royally Fails Spelling Challenge
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

When an interviewer approached him in the street, Lil Tecca was playing around with the man until he was asked to spell a word that he was not entirely familiar with. Perhaps Tecca has never needed the services of a chiropractor because, from the sounds of it, he’s never even heard the word in his life.

Sporting his signature glasses, which have caused some fans to think he’s a super-genius of sorts, Lil Tecca admitted that he is a pretty smart kid. Maybe he just isn’t that good in English class though because, when tasked with spelling the word “chiropractor,” he struggled royally. The teenager was bewildered before giving it a shot, messing up almost instantly. Good effort though!

We need to make Spelling Bee with Lil Tecca an actual reality show out here. What word do you want him to tackle next?