Lil Pump Drops 15K On Cartier Glasses Because He’s "Bored As F**k"

Lil Pump Drops 15K On Cartier Glasses Because He’s "Bored As F**k"


It’s kinda crazy how many stories seem to be written about Lil Pump that have to do with the his extensive jewelry collection. It should come as no surprise to anyone at this point that the 18 year-old “I Love It” rapper likes to spend quite a bit of coin on his collection of chains, watches and rings, and is in no way modest when it comes to showing them off. 

At this point, though, Pump seems to be using his crazy spending habits as a marketing ploy; even taking to posting videos of him dripping in $300,000 worth of chains while destroying his Rolls-Royce car, with a caption plugging his album drop. 

If that wasn’t enough to remind fans just how little money means to him, Pump also posted a video of himself a year ago, blowing his nose on a $100 bill because – well just because.

You’d think that with the recent scare the young rapper had after nearly losing his 100K ring on a golf field, he would ease up on the spending a little bit. But in true Pump fashion, he continues to make extravagant purchases, his most recent being: a $15,000 pair of custom Cartier glasses. 

The video posted of the rapper on Instagram shows him sporting the bejeweled pair of glasses fit with red lenses to match his hair and nails. “So, guess what I just did… I just dropped $15K on some Cartier shades because I’m bored as f**k,” he shared with fans.