Lil Pump Attempts To Prove He’s The Hottest Rapper Right Now

Lil Pump Attempts To Prove He’s The Hottest Rapper Right Now


The rap game is filled with eccentric characters who love to gloat about all they’ve accomplished. Considering how difficult it is to make it in the industry, you’ve gotta give some of these artists a pass. They’ve worked insanely hard to get where they are and they’re allowed to believe they’re the best at their craft. If you’ve got millions of people tuning into your latest releases, you’ve earned that. Lil Pump might sell out shows and earn platinum plaques and there are surely people who would agree with his latest hot take… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a hot take.

Lil Pump Attempts To Prove He's The Hottest Rapper Right Now
Ser Baffo/Getty Images

Taking to social media, Pump announced that his recent project Harverd Dropout had gone platinum, noting that that can only mean one thing. “THAT MEANS IM THE HOTTEST RAPPER RN,” wrote Jetski as his caption. As of right now, not much is on tap for Pump before the end of the year. He appears on the brand new remix of Ambjaay’s “Uno,” spicing up his flow a little bit by integrating some Spanish lyrics in his verse. To be honest, it’s a very welcome change to Pump’s usual delivery. Hopefully, he can continue to expand his repertoire so he can truly prove why he’s the hottest rapper in the game.

What do you predict for Lil Pump in 2020?