Lil Nas X Receives Backlash For Wrangler Jean Collaboration

Lil Nas X Receives Backlash For Wrangler Jean Collaboration


While Lil Nas X continues to secure his number one spot on the Billboard 100 due to his single “Old Town Road,” the 20-year-old music maker has, of course, come into some brand deals due to his success. Lil Nas recently announced a partnership with Wrangler, a jean company that was founded in 1904. 

Lil Nas X Receives Backlash For Wrangler Jean Collaboration
 Jerritt Clark/Getty Images 

Lil Nas’ chart-topping single inspired the collection, but country fans are calling out the brand for teaming with an artist that they claim is mocking country music. “No this needs to stop wrangler is my number one brand for when I rodeo or do anything like working with livestock and this is disappointing,” one Instagram user wrote. “Really? Supporting an artist that is so clearly mocking country music and the lifestyle it represents? bad move Wrangler,” another responded.

The controversy has even reached the point where some people are really boycotting the brand, forcing Lil Nas to respond. “y’all really boycotting wrangler?? is it that deep,” he wrote on Twitter. 

With all the hate aside, Wrangler is proud to have Lil Nas’ contributions to the latest capsule. “As an iconic brand in fashion, we have shown up in music, film, and popular culture for decades, but this is the first time our jeans are actually the key to unlocking a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a chart-topping hit,” Jenni Broyles, VP/GM of Wrangler North America, said. “We’re incredibly excited about the success of ‘Old Town Road’ and our partnership with Lil Nas X. It is another great example of the power music – and in our case, fashion – has to unite and inspire us all.”