Lil Baby Responds To Alexis Skyy’s Allegations

Lil Baby Responds To Alexis Skyy’s Allegations


Things were out of control between Alexis Skyy, Ari Fletcher, and Jayda Cheaves on social media this weekend after Skyy claimed that she paved the way for the latter two to succeed — a comment that did not sit well with them in the least bit. Jayda, who is Lil Baby‘s girlfriend, went into attack mode and when she got a little too spicy, Skyy attempted to sit her down by claiming she’s having a side fling with the “Drip Too Hard” rapper. 

Lil Baby Responds To Alexis Skyy's Allegations
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“I suggest you sit TF down b4 I come around & snatch MY N***A back aga… NVM you’ll see,” wrote Alexis Skyy in response to one of Jayda’s comments. She even threatened to drop receipts on the matter. Well, Lil Baby doesn’t play about his name or his girl, and he decided to step into the ring to clear up those allegations.

“Won’t let the devil in but I stay with some demons,” wrote the rapper before hammering off a few other tweets. “You tried it hoe, that shit ain’t work. Ain never cap in my rap! That shit embarrassing.”

While Lil Baby doesn’t necessarily specify that he’s addressing this particular situation, the timing adds up perfectly. Jayda Cheaves was heavily involved in the back-and-forth, which will likely continue into this week.