Leslie Jones Goes Off About Alabama’s Abortion Law On "SNL"

Leslie Jones Goes Off About Alabama’s Abortion Law On "SNL"


The Bible Belt, or the deep red Republican states that pride themselves on mixing church and state, has struck again. Alabama, a state that ranks lowest in education, passed a sweeping abortion law last week that bans the medical procedure. We can argue day and night over the rights of an unborn child and also the rights of women, but Alabama took it one step too far. In their highly biblical law, Alabama lawmakers decided that even if a woman is raped, she must carry the baby. That pushes the argument far past babies’ rights or women’s rights, and places the issue squarely in the realm of human decency. Apparently, there is none in Alabama’s political chambers. Leslie Jones of Saturday Night Live is never one to keep quiet, and she let her opinions fly freely on the shows Weekend Update. 

Dressed in a The Handmaid’s Tale costume, Leslie made joking parallels to the show and real life in America. After taking the costume off, she really went in. She highlighted how the 25 white men that voted in favor of the new law, “look like mugshots of everyone arrested at a massage parlor.” 

“You can’t control women because, I don’t know if y’all heard, but women are the same as humans,” she continued. “Why do all of these weird ass men care what women choose to do with their bodies? I don’t care what you do with your 65-year-old droopy ass balls.”

“When women have a choice, women have freedom,” she roared.