LeBron James’ Son Bryce Knocks Down Daggers In New Hype Video

LeBron James’ Son Bryce Knocks Down Daggers In New Hype Video


LeBron James has some pretty talented children. Bronny James Jr. has been impressing his teammates on the court while playing for Sierra Canyon and is constantly the subject of highlight reels. Meanwhile, LeBron’s youngest child Zhuri currently has her very own YouTube channel. LeBron’s middle child, Bryce, is also immensely talented and is currently playing middle school basketball with Sierra Canyon as a seventh-grader. Recently, Bryce and his teammates were the subjects of a highlight reel that showed off some of their best plays.

As you can see in the video below, Bryce is raining down shots while one of his teammates throws down a dunk, at the age of 12. These kids certainly have bright futures ahead of them and LeBron took notice as he went on Twitter saying “Them boys be cooking.”

With Bronny doing great things in high school, we can only imagine what Bryce will be able to do in a few years. Of course, there is certainly no pressure on these young men. For now, they are simply playing for the love of the game which is a beautiful sight to see. It’s too early to tell what their futures are but as it stands, they are fun to watch and will continue to shine for years to come.

Perhaps Bronny and Bryce can be teammates some day.