LeBron James Shares Emasculating Photos Of His Posterizing Dunk

LeBron James Shares Emasculating Photos Of His Posterizing Dunk


Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is a confirmed EOP – an Equal Opportunity Posterizer. That’s to say it doesn’t matter if you’re a close friend or a former teammate, LeBron has no issues whatsoever with dragging his undercarriage across your face as he takes flight.

Case in point, last night’s emphatic dunk over his ex-Laker teammate Josh Hart. As if the viral finish wasn’t devastating enough, LeBron took to IG on Wednesday afternoon to really rub it in with multiple photos and a looped video.

LeBron brought his A-game to Staples Center for Tuesday night’s showdown against Hart and the other ex-Lakers, as well as his first matchup against Zion Williamson. LeBron was complimentary of the rookie phenom after LA’s win, but his actions on the court during the game sent a message that he isn’t ready to relinquish the throne just yet.

The 35-year old legend posted a season-high 40 points to go along with eight rebounds, six assists and one posterizing slam. Not to mention, the bag of Red Vines he enjoyed on the bench while his teammates closed out the 118-109 win. Catch some additional angles of the dunk, including the beautiful feed from Alex Caruso, below.