LeBron James Responds To DeMarcus Cousins’ President Comments

LeBron James Responds To DeMarcus Cousins’ President Comments


LeBron James is seen as one of the most vocal leaders in the NBA community. The three-time champion is constantly speaking on behalf of the players and making sure they get what they deserve. He is also outspoken about causes that matter to him, including education and mental health. Needless to say, LeBron is someone who does a lot of good for his community and his efforts are recognized by not just fans but his peers as well. For instance, LeBron’s teammate, DeMarcus Cousins, went on the All The Smoke podcast and said that James should run for president someday.

After Lakers practice, LeBron was asked about Cousins’ comments and whether or not he would ever seriously consider running for POTUS. LeBron immediately laughed off the question and said it was definitely not in the cards, at least anytime soon.

So, there you have it. President LeBron won’t be happening in our lifetime. This shouldn’t be a surprising admission although considering we have a game show host in the White House, nothing is really off-limits these days. Either way, if you were hoping for a James presidency, we are extremely sorry to have disappointed you.

Perhaps when LeBron retires, he will get into the political realm some other way.