LeBron James Marvels Over Incredibly Realistic Tattoo Of Himself

LeBron James Marvels Over Incredibly Realistic Tattoo Of Himself


LeBron James is one of the biggest names in sports. Even outside of the basketball court, LeBron continues to be a tour de force in every single thing he does. Because of his status as one of the best athletes in the world, he has a ton of eager fans who will do anything to not just get his attention, but also pay homage. Sometimes, LeBron becomes aware of these tributes and he attempts to shout the person out on social media. On Sunday, that’s exactly what he did after being made aware of a hyper-realistic tattoo that depicts not just his face but also LeBron attempting a bucket with the Los Angeles Lakers.

In the post below, you can see that the tattoo takes up the vast majority of the man’s leg and that it almost feels like an illusion. This is some incredible artwork although the commitment to James is just a tad extreme, at least for us. Regardless, LeBron seemed to be impressed by it all.

“WOW!!!! ????. Whoever this is SALUTE & RESPECT!! I hope I continue to inspire you and make you proud!” James said.

We’re sure this fan was happy to see LeBron give him a shoutout, especially on such a large platform. If the goal of his tattoo was to get LeBron’s attention, then he certainly succeeded in doing that.