Lady Gaga Takes Fans on a Futuristic Journey at Pre-Super Bowl Concert in Miami

Lady Gaga Takes Fans on a Futuristic Journey at Pre-Super Bowl Concert in Miami


One of the highly-anticipated events during Super Bowl weekend was Lady Gaga’s concert at the Meridian at Island Gardens in Miami on Saturday (Feb. 1)

Presented by AT&T TV Super Saturday Night, the nearly two-hour concert featured many industry leaders and celebrities in attendance, including Jamie Foxx, Paul Rudd, Adriana Lima, Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, Hannah Jeter, Eiza Gonzales, Rob Lowe and more.

The evening launched, quite literally, with Gaga flying over the packed venue while holding a keytar and belting out “Just Dance.” “Miami, who wants to play some poker or some f—ing football? Put your hands in the air!” she said before singing “Poker Face.” 

Between songs, Gaga interacted with a robot named Enigma on the large screens.

“I am the mystery of you. All the questions that you have about yourself, I’m the being that holds that space for you,” the robot said to Gaga. “I come from Planet Enigma, every human has one. We protect the parts of you that feel misunderstood.”

Enigma then transported Gaga and the audience to a “simulation of the future,” where the singer performed songs such as “I’m A Free Bitch, Baby!” “Telephone,” “Applause,” “Paparazzi,” “The Edge of Glory” and “Alejandro.”

One of the evening's main highlights arrived when Gaga read a letter from a fan named Kimberly, who admitted to recovering from her battle with mental health thanks to Gaga’s music and inspiration. Gaga then invited Kimberly on stage for a big hug and a performance of "Million Reasons."

Gaga also took the opportunity to invite the audience to donate to the Born This Way Foundation by using the hashtag #SuperSaturdayNight. With every tweet, AT&T TV donated $1 up to $250,000 to the foundation. 

Gaga followed with a set of energetic performances of “You and I” and “Bad Romance” before Enigma appeared on the large screens again.

“It’s time to leave you now, my dear Gaga. I will always be watching you,” the robot said. “It’s time for you to go back on to Earth and tell all the people of what you’ve seen here in the simulation.” 

The singer then resumed with “Born This Way.” “Tonight, we celebrate all gender identities, all sexual identities, every religion, every race, every color, every kind. This is your f—ing freedom,” she told the crowd before her powerful performance. 

The night ended just after 1 a.m. with a heartfelt presentation of “Shallow.” But first, Gaga thanked her fans and shared her best wishes. 

“I wish so much love and so much luck to everyone that’s doing the halftime show, to both the teams playing in the Super Bowl. They’re all champions,” Gaga told the crowd. “And thank you so much for believing in me, because I remember when I played the halftime show and it was one of the beautiful things that has ever happened to me.”