Kyle Kuzma Unveils His New Logo Following Puma Partnership

Kyle Kuzma Unveils His New Logo Following Puma Partnership


Kyle Kuzma has been one of the bright spots on the Los Angeles Lakers this past couple of years even if the team hasn’t been putting up the best results in the win column. Kuzma already has a ton of star power so it shouldn’t be all that surprising that brands have been trying to scoop him up and acquire his services for various deals. For the past two years, Kuzma has been with Nike but today, it was announced that he was signing a deal with Puma.

The partnership will see Kuzma remain a part of Puma for five years and it is believed he will be making $3 million a year while with the brand. Perhaps the coolest part of his deal is his brand new logo which merges his nickname “Kuz” with the rest of the Puma logo. Of course, this leads to a special visualization of his last name, Kuzma.

Based on this first image, the logo looks pretty fantastic and will certainly lead to some pretty cool merch. Kuzma has proven himself to be one of the cooler young players in the league and it seems like Puma wants to capitalize on that image.

As Puma expands its new basketball line, Kuzma will be playing a huge part in the brand’s NBA rebuild.