Kyle Korver Showers Donovan Mitchell With Praise After Missed Three

Kyle Korver Showers Donovan Mitchell With Praise After Missed Three


Donovan Mitchell had an opportunity to tie up the game between his Utah Jazz and the Houston Rockets on Saturday Night. He had a wide-open three-point shot, although he missed and the Jazz ended up losing by a score of 104-101. With the loss, the Jazz are now down 3-0 against the Rockets and after the game, Mitchell was angry at himself for missing the shot. Fortunately for Mitchell, his teammates have his back, specifically Kyle Korver who delivered a lengthy, yet heartwarming speech about Mitchell and how special he is as a player. 

“I have never been around a young player like Donovan Mitchell,” Korver said. “I have never seen someone so young take ownership of a team, take ownership of his play, do it with charisma, do it with class. Never seen that in my 16 years in the NBA. He missed a tough shot tonight, but it’s going to be part of his story,” he continued. “If you’ve played any meaningful basketball in the NBA, you have a shot like that. If you don’t that means you haven’t played in any meaningful games or you haven’t been trusted by your teammates and coaches to take that shot. I don’t care who it is in history, everyone has a shot they want back. This is going to be part of the story at the end of the day.”

Mitchell, Korver, and the rest of the Jazz will be looking to escape the sweep when Game 4 goes tonight in Utah at 10:30 P.M. EST.