Kurt Warner Has Advice For Josh Rosen If Cardinals Take Kyler Murray

Kurt Warner Has Advice For Josh Rosen If Cardinals Take Kyler Murray


Kurt Warner is a legendary NFL quarterback who won a Super Bowl with the St-Louis Rams and made it to the Super Bowl with the Arizona Cardinals. Warner certainly feels some attachment to his former team who is picking first overall tonight at the NFL draft. There are a plethora of great players who can be taken with the first pick, although some analysts believe the Cards will take quarterback Kyler Murray thanks to his connection to head coach Kliff Kingsbury. This creates a bit of a conflict since the Cardinals drafted QB Josh Rosen with their first-round pick last season.

Warner spoke to TMZ about this scenario and gave some advice to Rosen who is probably feeling a little anxious tonight.

“Bottom line is it’s just part of it,” Warner said “You gotta go and just prove you’re the best guy for the job.”

Warner also went on to say that Rosen can’t be mad at the Cardinals for wanting to take a player if the team thinks he’ll make them better. The Super Bowl-winning QB was complimentary of Rosen and how he’s handled everything so far.

“I don’t think you can ever be offended by a team trying to figure out the best thing for their organization to get better. And your job is to compete,” Warner explained. “He’s going to get an opportunity to play somewhere. Just be ready for that opportunity and continue to shine.”

Who do you think the Cardinals should pick tonight?