Kobe Bryant Honored By LA Kings With Gorgeous Warmup Jersey

Kobe Bryant Honored By LA Kings With Gorgeous Warmup Jersey


Kobe Bryant’s tragic passing has united the city of Los Angeles as fans look to honor the legendary basketball players. Tributes have poured in from various individuals and organizations, especially the sports teams. The Los Angeles Lakers share an arena with the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL. Last night, the Kings honored Kobe Bryant by wearing purple and gold warmup jerseys prior to their game against the Edmonton Oilers. 

What makes these jerseys so unique is that they were mostly purple while “Kings” was written in gold in a similar font as the Lakers’ jerseys. Meanwhile, the number 24 was placed underneath the “Kings” logo which helped add to the tribute. Typically, hockey jerseys don’t have the number on the front although since this was a Kobe tribute, they were trying to replicate the basketball aesthetic.

It just so happens that these jerseys were made for a great cause. After the match, every single player’s warmup uniform was put up for auction and the proceeds will go to the Mamba & Mambacity Sports Foundation. Overall, this was a fantastic way to honor Kobe’s legacy and we’re sure the fans in Los Angeles enjoyed it.

Not to mention, those are some of the nicest hockey jerseys we’ve seen in a while.