Klay Thompson Trolls Draymond Green With Hilarious IG Comment

Klay Thompson Trolls Draymond Green With Hilarious IG Comment


If you’re an NBA fan outside of the Bay Area, then it is safe to say you’re probably sick of the Golden State Warriors. They have won three of the last five NBA championships and have completely dominated teams thanks to their flashy style of play. The Warriors are best known for their superior three-point shooting and the catalysts for that reputation have been Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Heading into next season, they will also have the services of D’Angelo Russell to fall back on.

Yesterday, the team had their annual photo shoot and the team’s Big Four, Curry, Thompson, Russell, and Draymond Green all took a photo together. Russell posted the photo on his IG which led to a hilarious comment from Thompson. In regards to Green, he said: “Whole lotta splash … and Dray.”

Thompson’s little dig at Draymond shouldn’t be all that surprising when you consider how both players have been roasting each other for years. Green is easily one of the best defensive players in the game and has the respect of his peers all the way throughout the league.

We’re sure the next time these two see each other out on the practice court, it’s going to be a bit of a war. You can’t be mad at Thompson though as Green’s three-point shot definitely leaves a lot to be desired.