Klay Thompson Makes His Case For A "Space Jam 2" Oscar Nom: Watch

Klay Thompson Makes His Case For A "Space Jam 2" Oscar Nom: Watch


Klay Thompson has never been afraid to put himself out there and make some jokes at his own expense. The man will most likely go down as one of the top five shooters to ever play in the NBA and over the past few years, he has been an absolute menace out on the court. He has helped the Golden State Warriors win three of the last five NBA championships and heading into the future, the team expects a lot more of the same. With all of his accomplishments in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he was chosen for a role in Space Jam 2.

LeBron James is the true star of the film but we imagine Thompson will have a significant role as well. During an interview with NBC Bay Area, Thompson even suggested that he should get an Oscar award for his contributions to the movie.

“It’s all done … your boy is going for the Oscar nod,” Thompson joked. “Supporting?! Best animated series!? I don’t know.”

Thompson doesn’t seem certain which award he wants but he’s looking to make sure it happens. Considering how the Oscars usually selects films for its best-animated movie category, it’s doubtful Space Jam 2 will end up there. If you’re Klay though, one can only hope. 

Hopefully, the sequel can live up to Michael Jordan‘s original.