KingJet Releases Chill New Video For 'All Gone': Exclusive Premiere

KingJet Releases Chill New Video For 'All Gone': Exclusive Premiere


Rapper-producer KingJet, real name Kendrick Nicholls, is debuting the music video for his latest single “All Gone” today (July 9), exclusively on Streets Talkin. The visual emphasizes KingJet's versatility, featuring a combination of city landscapes, empty parking lots and swaying palm trees between alternating staticky split screens.

The Nashville native's first single “Do It (Aye)” received an astounding 900k plus streams and contributed to the artist’s rise  SoundCloud. KingJet's newest video for “All Gone,” directed by Berk Visual, follows a similar vintage aesthetic as his music video for his other successful track “Zone,” but this one highlights more of the artist himself. 

KingJet has been independently releasing music for little over a year. He moved to L.A. around five years ago and started producing with his twin brothers, eventually stumbling into songwriting shortly after. Since then, he has worked with L.A. producer CZ for his second track, “Necklace,” and his third release “My Everyday,” was featured in Season 2, Episode 5 of Insecure.

The 29-year-old is currently working on a project set to come out before the end of the year. His two upcoming new singles, “Lifeguard” and “Tan Lines,” (the beach theme isn’t intentional, but both were written in a very sunny Australia), are the next releases he’s looking forward to.

The rapper talked to Streets Talkin about the meaning behind his stage name “KingJet,” where he derives inspiration for his music, his musical icons and more.

How did you come up with your name, KingJet?

It’s crazy, I came up with the name KingJet randomly. At a certain point I was producing random stuff and I was just thinking of other names, like it really didn’t have a crazy meaning. Then I wrote down KingJet and I was stuck with that. My real name is Kendrick, but everybody calls me Kendo.

Could you talk about “All Gone” and the process of creating the song?

I live with a couple different producers, one of them is a dude named Gunkst. So my roommate was working on this beat and I heard it, and I just kind of went in and laid down some ideas. The “All Gone” thing was the first thing that came out of my mouth. We sat on it for a while and then I had him send me the beat and I finished the second half of the beat. You can kind of hear that the first half has this melancholy type of vibe to it. My other roommate put keys on it too.

How would you describe your genre or music style? 

As far as genre, it would be hard to put me into one thing. I take influence from all the stuff that I listen to. I am a producer, you know. I'm listening to stuff from like Cudi and Travis Scott. It'll be hard for me to just put one genre, but it's more like just a feeling.

Why did you decide to go down the route as an independent artist?

My thought process was first and foremost it's about the music and at least connecting with fans. Before that — I couldn't think of a step before doing that. It’s really about releasing music and connecting more and more with fans. I think that's the number one priority.

Where do you derive inspiration from when you write songs?

They all reflect my life and how I feel. It’s a lot of feelings. You can make like party songs, but you can also make songs that are just for your mental and shit like that. It’s just whatever i’m feeling at the time.

Watch the music video for “All Gone” below.