Keyshia Cole Confirms She Is Not Pregnant

Keyshia Cole Confirms She Is Not Pregnant


Okay, well here’s a plot twist for you. As it turns out, Keyshia Cole is not pregnant as we and so many others reported. Apparently, the R&B veteran was merely dipping her toes in trolling waters in response to users who body shame her on a consistent basis. According to the singer, she got tired people assuming she was pregnant just because she put on a few pounds and decided to get ahead the narrative this time around when she posted up in a recent picture, writing the caption “#PreggoInMyFashionNovaFit.”

In hindsight, the demon emoji she attached to the caption seemed a little suspicious.

“I KINDA APOLOGIZE for #TROLLING yesterday, telling y’all I was ##Preggo,” Cole wrote in a new post. “Buuuuuuut y’all need to stop body shaming me and sayin I’m PREGNANT EVERY OTHER DAY !!!! Like seriously, it hurts my feelings HEY @fashionnova thought it was sweet that you all were excited about the news tho.”

As one disgruntled user pointed out, “That’s lying, not trolling.” But, in 2019 what’s really the difference anyway?

Originally, Keyshia was suspected to be pregnant with the child her slightly younger boyfriend Niko Khale. While he never directly confirmed the news, he did get in on the trolling action by retweeting posts from fans excited about the fake news.

Well, looks like Keyshia is back to being a mother one to son DJ, the product her relationship with ex-husband and former NBA player Daniel “Booby” Gibson.