Kevin Hart Has Grey Hair Now

Kevin Hart Has Grey Hair Now


Several years ago, Kevin Hart publicly stated that he didn’t mind going grey, embracing the signs of aging and now, it looks like he’s fully accepting himself and his loss of hair colour.

The world-famous comedian has been recovering from his terrifying car accident last year, finally accepting new acting roles and releasing an eye-opening documentary on Netflix about his recent controversies. He is currently working on more stand-up material and, showing off a photo of himself on the stage, he debuted a fresh look and he’s definitely unafraid of the loss of pigmentation in his hair.

“#GreyHairDontCare,” wrote Kevin Hart on his latest picture, which shows him practising new jokes with a new salt-and-pepper look. While he still has much of his black hair intact, the grey is starting to shine through in both his beard and his head hair. At 40-years-old, and after having experienced such a stressful year, it’s not entirely surprising to see this change in appearance for the superstar. At least he’s not insecure about it.

One commenter pointed out that he’s starting to look a little bit like Morgan Freeman and, although they don’t share too many facial similarities, the comment racked up over 1,000 likes. Do you like this new look for Hart?