Kevin Gates Lets His Daughter Mess Around With Guns

Kevin Gates Lets His Daughter Mess Around With Guns


We already knew that Kevin Gates wasn’t the one to mess with but, apparently, we should be careful with everybody inside the Gates household. For years, the Baton Rouge rapper has flexed his status as a big stepper in the streets, singing about his harrowing experiences coming up from gutter-like circumstances. The 34-year-old worked hard enough to provide a certain standard of living for his family, proudly raising his children in an area where he knows they will be safe. Still, he wants to make sure his kids are as protected as he is, knowing full-well that there are people all around the country plotting on his downfall. Posting a new video to his social media channels, Kevin proved to us all why nobody should be coming near his daughter, Islah.

“You like it, baby?” asked Kevin Gates to his little girl as she handled a gun half her size. Islah responded that it’s just right for what she’s got planned, hilariously replying, “It’s perfect.” While some fans are worried about why Gates would allow his daughter to operate such a deadly weapon, it’s very likely that the firearm has no ammunition loaded. If there were anything in the chamber, Gates likely would not have handed the gun off to her. Still, he wants all the opps to know that Islah is trained to protect her household, unleashing the beast on anybody who dares to try his family.

“Protected by the second amendment- violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again,” wrote the Louisiana product in his caption. The post has picked up over 2,000,000 total views with some of Kevin’s famous friends, like T.I, reacting to it in the comments. The backlash attached to such a post is obvious in today’s “cancel culture” but, after a full day, Gates has not taken it down so he clearly couldn’t care any less about what people think of him and his family being strapped for a situation in which they may need the back-up.

This video will, of course, force some to consider the child access prevention law, which states that parents cannot keep a firearm in a place where a child can easily access it. We’re sure Gates keeps all of his weapons locked away from his kids, granting Islah to hold it just this once. At the end of the day, it’s probably best that she learns how to correctly operate the gun from her father, who can teach her the right way to hold it so as to not injure herself in the case she needs to use it.

The Gates family recently celebrated Kevin’s thirty-fourth birthday, showing off an extravagant cake that Dreka had commissioned for her husband. Since his release from prison, the rapper has been sporting more of a family-man type of lifestyle, choosing to adapt his ways but, clearly, he’s still ready for anything that comes his way. Use this as a reminder that nobody in the Gates household is to be provoked… they’re armed and trained to go.