Kevin Garrett Embraces His Flaws on Brooding New EP ‘Made Up Lost Time’: Listen

Kevin Garrett Embraces His Flaws on Brooding New EP ‘Made Up Lost Time’: Listen


Kevin Garrett unveiled his introspective new EP, Made Up Lost Time, on Friday (Feb. 21).

Across the project's five tracks, the singer-songwriter crafts deeply personal narratives laden with chill-inducing harmonies, balancing his lithe, warm vocals with icy, echoing production on tracks like lead single "Factor In" and the quietly throbbing "Keep You Waiting."

On the hypnotic, piano-driven "Gone Again," the 28-year-old pleads his way through the push and pull of a particularly complicated relationship. "I'm OK but afraid I might fade away/ And you'll stay if I say that I'll never change/ But I'll be callin' you mine by the end of the night/ I can't pretend you're all there is/ The old me is one that I'd like to forget/ Will you hold me now before I talk you out of it?/ Oh darlin', I won't go till you're gone again," he croons desperately to an all-consuming love.

“I made this with the intention of getting past parts of me I thought were problems due to other people’s expectations," Garrett said in a statement about the EP. "I ended up embracing those parts. It’s important to live deliberately, such that the idea of lost time is not real, made up.”

Made Up Lost Time serves as the follow-up to the pop singer's 2019 debut studio album, Hoax, which was released in March 2019 — three years (and two solo EPs) after he first made waves as a producer and co-writer on Beyonc's 2016 tour de force Lemonade.

Stream Garrett's new EP below.