Kevin Durant Sinks Silky Pull-Up Jumpers Amid Injury Rehab

Kevin Durant Sinks Silky Pull-Up Jumpers Amid Injury Rehab


Kevin Durant‘s ruptured Achilles injury from the 2019 NBA Finals was both devastating to his team and to himself as an individual. The Golden State Warriors went on to lose to the Toronto Raptors while Durant has been out of the NBA ever since. As of right now, Durant is a member of the Brooklyn Nets but he won’t be able to play at all this season as he tries to rehabilitate his devastating injury. Typically, a ruptured Achilles can be a career-killer but based on all of the videos we have seen thus far, it seems like KD is poised for a full recovery.

In the video below, KD flexes his jump shot ability to the cameras. As you can see, Durant is pulling off a plethora of pull-up jumpers like it’s nothing. It appears as though Durant still has great range and can make shots from anywhere. Not to mention, his footwork is looking pretty great, as well. 

This should be positive news for Nets fans who have been through a lot this season. Kyrie Irving has been perpetually injured and he may have to call it a season due to his nagging shoulder injury. The team seems destined for the playoffs but without KD and Kyrie, they will most likely be a first-round exit.

Once KD and Kyrie are back and fully healthy, this Nets team will be a serious problem.