Kevin Durant Comments On Steph Curry & Ja Morant’s Twitter Beef

Kevin Durant Comments On Steph Curry & Ja Morant’s Twitter Beef


Kevin Durant‘s time with the Golden State Warriors was fairly conflicting. On one hand, KD was able to win two championships and two Finals MVPs in the process. However, there were numerous times where Durant’s standing with the squad was questioned. It became clear that Durant never felt like he fit in and eventually, he left. 

Recently, Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies went after Andre Iguodala for not playing with the team. This led to a response from Steph Currywho immediately got hit with a photo of Durant, Ja. On the latest episode of Bleacher Report’s Take It There with Taylor Rooks, Durant was asked about the Twitter squabble and how he felt about all of it. As he explains, it’s not that serious.

“There has always been speculation about what my place on the team was and what I meant to the team, but I don’t think anyone on the Warriors was upset that he posted a picture of me,” Durant said. “We’re all brothers and we’ve won championships together. It wasn’t anything more than a little jab, I guess?”

Durant is currently out with a ruptured Achilles tendon which means most of his attention is on getting healthy again. Regardless, it must have been surprising to see a rookie use him as a prop for taking some quick shots. Either way, it seems like KD is finally secure in his past free agency decisions.