Kesha Is Positive That ‘Tonight’ Will Be the Best Night of Her Life: Listen

Kesha Is Positive That ‘Tonight’ Will Be the Best Night of Her Life: Listen


Can you feel it?

Nobody ever accused Kesha of being a party bummer. The singer reclaims her seat atop the fun-time throne on "Tonight," the fourth song released so far from her upcoming High Road album, due out on Kemosabe/RCA Records on Friday (Jan. 31). "Tonight's the best night of our lives/ Can you feel it? I can feel it/ We got?it?all, if we're?alive/ If we're breathing, we're still breathing," Kesha sings on the track, which opens as a gentle piano ballad before exploding into a dance rager before the one-minute mark.

"Okay, we're going out tonight, don't wanna stay home/ I got my girls to call the Uber 'cause I can't find my phone/ I'm getting ready, mani-pedi, fancy s–t with the leathers," she raps over a buzzed beat. "Now we're looking for some trouble like we hunting for treasure/ I'm feeling alright, haven't seen my boyfriend in a few nights." 

Whether she's smuggling wine in her girl Chelsea's purse or realizing she's got the same shoes as Elton John, the track written by the singer with Wrabel and Stint — with the latter also producing the banger — is an unadulterated ode to going out, losing your mind and having the best time ever. The song was originally featured in the High Road album trailer released in October and it follows on the heels of "Raising Hell," "My Own Dance" and "Resentment." 

Listen to "Tonight" below.