Kesha Breaks Down in Tears During 'Praying' After Fans Hold Up 'Thank You' Hearts in Cincinnati: Watch

Kesha Breaks Down in Tears During 'Praying' After Fans Hold Up 'Thank You' Hearts in Cincinnati: Watch


On any given night it's sometimes a struggle for Kesha to get through her emotional, Grammy-nominated Rainbow ballad ”Praying.” The powerful, deeply personal song about forgiveness and triumphantly rising up against all obstacles has been a nightly highlight of the singer's current co-headlining tour with rapper Macklemore.

But on Wednesday night (July 11) at Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, the emotion was amped up to new levels when a legion of her devoted Animals brought the singer to tears with a spontaneous show of support that literally stopped the show. “This one's for anybody out there that needs it,” the singer began as the song's stately piano intro kicked in and the crowd's collective voice rose up to sing along to the chorus about wishing for another's soulful transformation.

Wearing a bedazzled white poncho, over a gray t-shirt, black hot pants and shimmery tights, Kesha poured herself into the performance, hand on heart, leaning into her curved gold microphone stand. And then, nearly three minutes in, she suddenly lifted her hand to her mouth and could not go on as the crowd kept singing the chorus for her in full voice.

The reason? A large group of Animals up front had raised up small, multi-colored construction paper hearts with the words “Thank You” written on them and the gesture clearly touched the singer, who repeatedly apologized for her inability to finish the performance. “I should thank you,” she said, still choked up, after several attempts to regain her composure.

Watch fan video of the performance below.