Kenny Beats Crafts A "Post-911" Type Beat For Zack Fox In "The Cave" Ep. 5

Kenny Beats Crafts A "Post-911" Type Beat For Zack Fox In "The Cave" Ep. 5


Simply put, Zack Fox wanted a “special type beat” as he entered Kenny Beats’ studio for webisode 5 of The Cave. If you haven’t noticed, Kenny and Zack Fox have undeniable chemistry whether its on camera, on joint musical productions, or in the dredges of their private conversations. 

Zack Fox’s connection to Kenny Beats might be new to a good number of the site’s users, but that’s hardly a bad thing. The novelty of their unique camaraderie is winning the mustached rapper plenty of well-earned “lols” on the vast plains of social media. It should be noted that “lols” can be converted into digital currency when the bank is running low.

Before joining up for Ep. 5, the part-time comics released a video single titled “Square Up.” The scene starts up with Kenny and Zack portraying a couple of line cooks on a smoke break – but instead of ruing the misfortune of their jobs (no shade), they end up ciphering to the sound of Kenny banging his fists against the pavement.

Episode 5 of The Cave begins on a similar note, except in this instance, Kenny gets behind his regular beatpad apparatus. Just as they’re set to begin “creating,” Zack Fox starts yelping out demands. First, he wants the instrumental to be inspired by Runescape, a PC game from popular in the early 2000s. Then he calls for IT to have a Jodeci feel, and the sensibility of Post-911 America mixed in with pre-death Whitney Houston vibes. By the time he’s done his exposition, Kenny Beats was looking a list the length of a queue area on “Black Monday.” The results speak for themselves. While you’re at it, why not check out Kenny’s work on Rico Nasty’s new project Anger Management.