Kendrick Perkins Slams Critics Who Target LeBron James And Not Others

Kendrick Perkins Slams Critics Who Target LeBron James And Not Others


Kendrick Perkins is one of the most outspoken analysts in the NBA right now and with that, comes some trouble. Perkins has gotten into numerous spats with former teammates thanks to his opinions, however, it hasn’t stopped him from giving his true thoughts on specific situations. The former Boston Celtics big man has been particularly complimentary of LeBron James and has defended him at every turn. Last night, Perkins hopped on Twitter where he provided even more defenses of the Los Angeles Lakers superstar.

Perkins specifically went after all of the critics who have smoke for LeBron but won’t say anything bad about Kawhi Leonard. These comments were spurred by the fact the Clippers recently acquired a whole slew of depth players. As Perkins explains, if LeBron had gotten all that help, critics would have been all over him. However, since it’s Kawhi, he gets a pass.

“Clippers are stacking the deck for Kawhi and the internet gets super quiet but let it had been the Lakers doing it for old LeBron James and MFs woulda been saying for days how he would never be better than MJ! Carry on…” Perkins wrote.

Perkins’ comments sparked a healthy debate on Twitter although many like Perkins was simply defending LeBron because they won a title together back in 2016. Regardless of what you believe, there is no denying that double standards exist throughout sports media.