Kendrick Perkins Rips Into Clippers For Latest Roster Addition

Kendrick Perkins Rips Into Clippers For Latest Roster Addition


Kendrick Perkins continues to be one of the most outspoken individuals in sports media and he doesn’t seem to discriminate when dishing out some criticism. There have been numerous times where Perkins has upset players with his various takes. Perhaps the most recent example is his Twitter beef with Kevin Durant over who the best Oklahoma City Thunder player of all time is.  Yesterday, Perkins made a point to go after the Los Angeles Clippers as they recently picked up Reggie Jackson from the Detroit Pistons.

Perkins isn’t a big fan of the move because he feels like the Clippers have too many scorers and not enough basketballs. As he describes, there could be some serious chemistry issues on the horizon. If this is the case, the Clippers could be doing themselves a huge disservice as we enter the playoff window.

“The Clippers don’t need Reggie Jackson!!! Can’t keep adding that much scoring because that can cause Chemistry problems!!! It’s only 1 Basketball,” Perkins wrote. The Clippers have been stealing these players away from the Los Angeles Lakers, who are seemingly their biggest rival. Many see the Lakers and Clippers making it to the Western Conference Finals and when it comes to depth, the Clippers have the Lakers beat.

Regardless, Perkins seems to think the Clippers are doing too much. At the end of the day, only time will tell whether or not he’s right.