Kehlani Calls Out Joe Budden For Mocking Her YG Breakup Song

Kehlani Calls Out Joe Budden For Mocking Her YG Breakup Song


Over the past week, two songs have been released that chronicle Kehlani and YG‘s relationship. The first one, “Konclusions“, was a collaboration between the two artists and was shared on Valentine’s Day. It announced that the on-and-off couple was back on good terms. Just three days later, Kehlani dropped a solo track, “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)“, detailing that she was now splitting from the Compton rapper. 

On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, which uses a photo of Kehlani as its header, Budden, Rory and Mal pick apart the breakup track. “I feel like I’ve been hoodwinked cause it was just last week we came on this podcast, Rory made me listen to a YG and Kehlani song,” Budden says. “I hated it on the first listen and then by the second listen I loved it. I was with this new image of YG in love and making songs like he was in love.”   

After giving the disclaimer that he messes with Kehlani’s music, Budden proceeds to mock all the lyrics on “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)” with his pals. “Somebody explain the woman’s brain to me. You were immature three days ago?,” he quips at one point. The crew goes on to laugh at certain platitudes she uses on the song and doubt the validity of her account. 

Kehlani took to Twitter to respond to this unflattering breakdown of her vulnerable song. “joe budden is joke,” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet. When a fan explained how upset she was to hear Budden & Co. go in on the singer like that, Kehlani replied, “disgusting.” She then directly addressed Budden by replying to one his tweets: “the amount of misinformation and lies and lameness in this episode about me and you used my face is… lol gotta love it.” Budden tried de-escalate the situation by flippantly responding, “We love you, it’s jokes… feel better.” He then appeared to shade her with a follow-up tweet that read, “I’m bout sick of you artists… never a peep through years of praise but wanna jump outta windows when you hear something you don’t like… newsflash, i am not friends with you n****s.”

Do you think Budden, Rory and Mal were out of line on this episode?