Kawhi Leonard Stays True To Himself, Reps His Own Jersey In Cabo

Kawhi Leonard Stays True To Himself, Reps His Own Jersey In Cabo


Kawhi Leonard has consistently been one of the more bizarre figures in the NBA. While bizarre might be a strong word, we could definitely call him “enigmatic” and absolutely no one would bat an eye. Leonard has been showing flashes of his personality over the past year or so and fans are starting to become endeared to his robotic antics. At times, Leonard can be seen doing things that we simply don’t expect from the average person. This typically leads to some hilarious memes and quite honestly, we enjoy them very much.

According to TMZ, Leonard was back to his old bag of tricks this past week as he was vacationing in Cabo for the All-Star break. As you can see inside of the tweet below, Leonard was wearing a New Balance jersey with his own name on the back. In fact, the jersey also says “Don’t Be Mad” on the front.

Ever since signing to New Balance, the brand has been having Leonard work overtime and he’s been delivering in every way possible. Leonard is constantly wearing his own New Balance shirts and shoes and the relationship seems to be prospering.

With this latest stunt in mind, it will be interesting to see what else Leonard has in store for New Balance in the future.