Kawhi Leonard Recounts Hilarious Kobe Bryant Story

Kawhi Leonard Recounts Hilarious Kobe Bryant Story


Kawhi Leonard has been one of the best players in the entire NBA over the last couple of seasons so it shouldn’t be surprising that he was in Chicago this weekend for the NBA All-Star Game. Leonard was playing for Team LeBron and helped his team secure a victory thanks to a 30-point performance. Leonard ended up winning the All-Star MVP trophy which has been renamed after the late great, Kobe Byrant. Leonard certainly deserved the trophy and during a post-game interview, he spoke about Kobe and how much the legend meant to him.

In the clip below, Leonard talks about how Kobe once asked him how many shots he had taken in a game. When Leonard answered 19, Kobe quipped back saying he had taken a whopping 47 shots. Of course, Leonard ended up replying to Bryant, the only way he knew how. 

This latest story is yet another example of just how competitive Bryant was. The phrase “shooters shoot” was always applied to the Lakers legend and even if he was having an off night, he would keep getting shots up. While Leonard is certainly a much more conservative player on offense, it’s clear he was able to learn a thing or two from Kobe.

As we inch closer to the playoffs, watch out for Leonard and the Clippers to make a deep run in the postseason.