Justin Timberlake Epic Social Distancing Photo

Justin Timberlake Epic Social Distancing Photo


We all socially distance in our own way. In Justin Timberlake‘s case it’s by actually becoming a man of the woods again by trekking out to the snowy mountains and putting some serious distance between himself and wife Jessica Biel. In an epic pic posted on Wednesday (March 25), JT captured Biel in the middle of a beautiful, snow-covered expanse in order to share a very special message.

“Out here social distancing with the fam and a lot of these (trees),” he wrote with a trio of pine tree emoji. “I hope you guys are staying safe and healthy.” There was much more, though, as Timberlake also encouraged everyone to stick together and look out for each other during these turbulent times. With the increasingly tight restrictions being put in place in the U.S. due to the spreading COVID-19 pandemic, Timberlake also asked his fans to find a way to support local charities.

“While there’s a lot of chaos and confusion right now, there’s also a lot of good and so many ways to help,” he wrote, including links to a number of worthy causes, including Feeding America, the American Red Cross, Save the Childrenand the World Central Kitchen.

See Timberlake’s message below.