Justin Bieber tour prep workout video

Justin Bieber tour prep workout video


The singer shares a uniquely Canadian version of tour prep.

Some people dance, get their cardio up or meditate to get into touring shape. Justin Bieber? He got all Canadian about it in a tweet on Wednesday (Feb. 26), posting a one-minute video in which he shares his unique tour prep. “Follow along as we prepare for tour life!!” Bieber wrote about the clip in which he walks into a rehearsal studio wearing a white hoodie and sweats.

“So, my workout routine,” he says while putting down a series of paper cups on the wood floor and proceeds to weave through them with his trusty hockey stick and a rubber ball. There’s also a routine where he balances on one foot on a Bosu ball while practicing his stick work, takes some slap shots at a goal and shuffles back and forth over the strains of his latest single, “Intentions.”

There are some high reps with low weight on a bench, with Justin reminding Beliebers that the best way to get ripped is by isolating your motion and dance rehearsal with his team in which he practices his mic technique. “Today was a good day, we got a lot done, um, all the dancers showed up, the band showed up,” he says. “We crushed it. Sometimes all you gotta do is show up! Show up and show out.”

Bieber’s Changes tour is slated to kick off on May 14 at Centurylink Field in Seattle, Washington on May 14.

Watch the video below.

Justin Bieber tour prep workout video