Justin Bieber Opens Taco Truck, Dances With Toddlers on ‘Late Late Show’: Watch

Justin Bieber Opens Taco Truck, Dances With Toddlers on ‘Late Late Show’: Watch


Of course it’s called “Despatacos.” Duh.

It was a busy night for Justin Bieber on the second episode of his Late Late Show takeover stretch on Wednesday (Feb. 19). After helping host James Corden get to work with some "Carpool Karaoke" on Tuesday, JB got his hands dirty with two bits that tested his mind and body.

In the first, Bieber slipped into his shiniest short shorts and flyest basketball jersey for a bit of "Toddlerography," in which kindergarten and grade school instructors put him through some of the bounciest dance moves you've ever seen. Justin, of course, pulled the spins, sprints and fancy arm swings set to his breakthrough hit "Baby" off like a boss. Corden, on the other hand, was way winded.

He was back shortly after that to spread some joy and raise money for the L.A. Food Bank by teaming with Corden to launch a "Yummy" food truck. Given their English and Canadian heritage, what did they name their signature dish? "Despatacos," of course. Though Corden had some trouble getting the roach coach into gear, literally, Corden felt good about their prospects. "We're food dudes now!" the host enthused as Bieber made up a theme song set to the Who's "Who Are You." "Who are you? Food dudes! Food Dudes!' they sang in unison.

After decided on a pay-what-you-want scheme with all proceeds going to the Food Bank, Corden got busy cooking up the tacos while Bieber handled the grill cheese sandwiches. Customers seemed into the tacos (one gave them "three Yummys"), but way more into meeting Bieber, with one Belieber freaking out after spotting the singer, just before warning him that she's deathly allergic to fish and making him promise his grill was clean, clean.

The bit came just hours after Bieber released his latest "Yummy" remix, a country-fried version featuring Florida Georgia Line.

Watch Bieber on the Late Late Show below.