Juj and Vic Mensa Won’t Let Anyone Kill Their ‘Mood’ in New Exclusive

Juj and Vic Mensa Won’t Let Anyone Kill Their ‘Mood’ in New Exclusive


Rising singer-songwriter Juj has released a reworked version of her song "Mood" featuring Vic Mensa, along with a new video, premiering exclusively Streets Talkin today (Aug. 6).

The song is originally from the singer's debut EP Juj, It's U, released earlier this year. While sonically, it feels chill at the surface with airy synths, the lyrics are meant to empower. "On the verge of a breakthrough/ Cause I got a life that needs living/ Fear won’t tell me what to do/ Leaving was just the beginning," Juj sings of leaving home and running to Los Angeles.

The accompanying video is just as powerful. It shows Juj working on music in the studio, preaching to a taxi driver, and Mensa appears to deliver his sharp verse too.

"'Mood' tells two similar stories about the fearless nature of moving away from home at a young age to pursue a passion," Juj tells Streets Talkin. "Vic Mensa jumped on the song to share his experience, which really complimented the original version, and spoke to my story of having the courage to do what most told me was impossible."

Juj was blown away by Mensa's delivery of his verse, which "pushes the fighter idea," as Juj explains. "He overcame a ton of struggles with his bold move, but it didn’t stop him."

The 'Mood' video, Juj says, is a "complete visual representation" of what she sees in the track. "It’s the story of our moves and where we’ve come thus far. I hope listeners are empowered to go do whatever sets their soul on fire and do whatever it takes to do it."

Check out the liberating video below.