Joseline Hernandez Called "Disrespectful" By BF Ballistic Beats

Joseline Hernandez Called "Disrespectful" By BF Ballistic Beats


She hasn’t been shy about her goal of wanting to walk down the aisle with her boyfriend DJ Ballistic Beats, but Joseline Hernandez and her beau hit a rough patch on Marriage Boot Camp. The unmarried couple joined the series to help mend their relationship before deciding on whether or not they have a lifelong future together, but after Joseline was spotted flirting with someone during a party at the reality show’s home base, Ballistic lost it.

Joseline Hernandez Called "Disrespectful" By BF Ballistic Beats
Jemal Countess / Stringer / Getty Images

The show put on a party and separated the partners. Joseline was out in her bathing suit having a good time while Ballistic was elsewhere in the house secretly watching what she was doing. At one point, Joseline was captured feeding fruit to a random man and the exchange was enough for Balistic to run out, shut the party down, and call his woman out in front of everyone.

“Why you mad?” Joseline said while smirking. Ballistic yelled, “What you mean, why I’m mad?… Get the f*ck inside, man. Party the f*ck over, man… You think this a game?” The two take their argument inside where Joseline continues to ask him why he’s upset as she laughed in his face. Ballistic hits a glass off of the table before walking away from her.

“You a nut, man,” he told Joseline. “You not an example, you a nut. You a f*ckin’ nut ass broad, that’s what the f*ck you are. You disrespected me. I told you to treat me like a king. You don’t disrespect me.” Walk the heated clip below.