Jordyn Woods’s Mom Calls Out Fake "Sources" Who Give Info To Media Outlets

Jordyn Woods’s Mom Calls Out Fake "Sources" Who Give Info To Media Outlets


Nearly every media outlet, at one time or another, has spoken to their connections that they consider “sources.” These unidentified people often come forward with behind-the-scenes information that others aren’t privy to, but not every source has true knowledge of a situation. Sources can spark or spread gossip, and Jordyn Woods’s mother is letting it be known that when it comes to her daughter, you shouldn’t automatically believe everything you hear.

Jordyn Woods's Mom Calls Out Fake "Sources" Who Give Info To Media Outlets
Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer / Getty Images

On Tuesday (February 18), Elizabeth Woods shared a screenshot photo to Instagram that showed a photo of Jordyn along with a quote from an article that reads: “She’s working. She has a stint on a TV show, and she has a couple of brand deals coming up,” the source added. “She’s not doing too, too much, but is staying busy.”

The report itself didn’t seem too controversial, but Mama Woods wrote in a caption that they don’t keep anyone in their circle that tattles to the press, no matter how innocuous the information may seem. “Media focus on what’s important and truth,” Elizabeth Woods wrote. “Usually I just let bullsh*t go, but when I read that a Woods family friend is saying things about us, it really irritates me.”

Elizabeth said they Woods family moves stealthily, even among their loved ones. “For the record, we have no friends that know exactly what we are doing,” she continued. “We don’t discuss our lives like that, what we are working on or anything else with anyone. And if you call yourself a friend and are talking about us with the media especially about some stuff you know nothing about, shame on you. So if you paid for some info media, you wasted your money. Have a great day everyone and do something positive and productive.” Check out her post below.