John Beilein’s Fate Revealed After Strenuous Cavaliers Tenure

John Beilein’s Fate Revealed After Strenuous Cavaliers Tenure


When John Beilein was hired by the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer, many around the league were skeptical. Beilein was known primarily as a great college coach who led the University of Michigan to a title game back in 2017. The fears of many were confirmed at the start of the season when the Cavaliers began to fall into old patterns. The team has been awful to start the season and it was quite clear that many throughout the team didn’t exactly respect Beilein’s opinion.

Over the last few weeks, there have been reports that Beilein and the Cavs were discussing a potential mutual separation. After much deliberation, it was revealed by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski that the two sides had finally come to terms with a split. Simply put, Beilein is no longer the head coach.

JB Bickerstaff will be the next head coach of the team and for now, it’s a full-time gig. Usually, these situations lead to interim coaches but the Cavs have put their faith in Bickerstaff who was specifically picked at the beginning of the year to be Beilein’s replacement in light of a disaster.

Despite the firing, the Cavs roster remains in shambles so it will be interesting to see if they’re able to pick things up to end the year. Regardless, this hasn’t been a very good season for them.